Environmental Science is a trimester interdisciplinary course designed to develop an understanding and awareness of our environment, how the environment can change and the effects of such changes.

This trimester, we will share in a learning experience. I want to maintain an informal atmosphere in which everyone feels comfortable, contributes, and actively participates in our classroom. Each student has much to share. Students' questions and willingness to participate will only enhance our learning. Your evaluations will be based on both your active discussion and written assignments.

This course will be conducted for the most part seminar-style. Each week, you will be assigned a set of articles on specific topics, which we will then discuss in class. Some of the classes will consist of lectures or instructor-led discussions. The remaining classes will involve student-led discussions and presentations.

Things to bring to class every day:
- Binder with handouts
- Pen and Highlighter


All assignments should be checked on a weekly basis at our Course Website:
You can access our website through the PES Homework web page.

Your trimester grade will be evaluated as follows:
40% Summary Documents/Presentations/Student-Led Discussions
30% Weekly Current Events Article
30% Panther Online Magazine Contributions

The school's Honor Code is in effect for ALL assignments.

Summary Documents:
For each topic/set of assigned articles or websites, you will be asked to submit a written summary of the topic being discussed. This document (Summary Document) will be due at the end of the class.  You are expected
to make every effort to do your own research and acquire the information independently.

Student-Led Discussions:
In most instances, each of you will take turns leading the discussion. You will be graded on your performance in leading the discussion.

Weekly Current Events Article:
These articles are due the first day of the week. Articles should be selected on the specific topic covered. Please refer to the specific guidelines of this activity.

Panther Online Magazine:
The magnitude of human impact on the natural world is unprecedented in our species' history. The interdisciplinary field of Environmental Science seeks answers to a set of questions about what this impact will mean for our future and what we can do now to live in a more sustainable manner.
It is important that we discover and share this information. The more environmentally literate we are, the fewer bad choices and careless mistakes we will make that will negatively affect our planet and all of its inhabitants.
With this in mind we will create the first PES online magazine about environmental issues.
We will publish the magazine three times during the trimester. You will learn how to create and publish a website.