Environmental Science is a trimester interdisciplinary course designed to develop an understanding and awareness of our environment, how the environment can change and the effects of such change.

The course explores the role which humans play in causing environmental change and the underlying values and ethical judgments involved in making choices. The focus will be on contemporary issues such as air and water pollution, global climate change, ozone depletion, acid rain, hazardous and solid waste, alternative energy resources, soil, deforestation, overfishing, biodiversity and endangered species, and their ecological, economical and human health impacts.
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Environmental Science Weekly
Our weekly assignments:  summary documents, current events articles,
class discussions, online magazine features and presentations

Environmental Science News
Comprehensive list of links to Environmental news and articles

Environmental Science Syllabus
Learning objectives of the six environmental issues to be studied.

Environmental Science Lecture Notes
Lecture outlines

Environmental Science Information
Information about: class materials, assignments and grading policy.

Environmental Science Textbooks
Links to textbook websites

Environmental Science Resources
Comprehensive list of links of Environmental Science sites